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  • A Gallery of Nodes with Drupal

    Some video-tutorial (in English) to learn how I've made this photo-gallery using Drupal. A Gallery in which Albums are nodes and photos are nodes too.
    Film - Video June 2013
  • Sardegna in Kayak - 2013, Episode II

    The 2013 kayak trip in Sardina starts where we ended two years ago, in Santa Teresa di Gallura...
    Kayak di più giorni June 2013
  • 2013-05-11-13-25-03-matteo

    Twin Peaks in New Zealand

    From Flora Car-park to the Ellis Basin hut, then to The Twins, Mount Arthur, Gordon's Pyramid, Salisbury hut... and back
    Trekking di più giorni May 2013
  • A Mushroom week-end

    (Written by Conillo) Sylvia and Matteo didn't know what to do, so I took them to harvest mushrooms. Unfortunately they are very bad in choosing the right ones.
    Escursione di 1 giorno May 2013
  • 2013-02-05_18-46-24_Matteo

    Mount Owen from different points of view

    Pictures are the same, but the stories are two: it is a matter of different points of views
    Trekking di più giorni February 2013
  • 2013-02-18_20-03-26_Matteo

    Bulmer Lake, walking on a petrified glacier

    Franco had just the time to realize he was in New Zealand, then he was walking on this 3 and a half days trekking.
    Trekking di più giorni February 2013
  • Wellington!!!!!

    After so many adventure in the Wilderness, I spent a few days in the New Zealand capital.
    Viaggio January 2013
  • Rambo eat my shorts!

    Colillo tells of a very, very, but really very, extreme trekking in Nelson Lakes National Park
    Trekking di più giorni January 2013


  • 2012-12-22_18-41-41_Matteo

    Glitch on the ridge

    Sometime on a trekking something unforeseen happens... Sometime it happens before.
    Trekking di più giorni December 2012
  • 2012-12-27_14-52-43_Sylwia

    Warrior and Maiden

    Sylvia needed a great warrior to help in her quest in the forest... Actually a great warrior was there!
    Trekking di più giorni December 2012


About Us

Q.: Who are you?
A.: The Zorri!

Q.: What do you do?
A.: Zorring!

Even if the answers here above say all, I guess that you may not have understood everything... So here it is the long answer :-)

Zorri are just friends, real friends, who enjoy adventures on mountains and forests, with the purpose to live Nature in the most pristine way.
Our adventures are not "challenges", this is not what we are looking for: what we want is to enjoy freedom, to live life intensely and in present time, to be in harmony with Nature.
Our adventures are made of paths, not of goals. :-)
So, if your target is just adrenaline, probably you have found the wrong people.

We are neither a commercial company nor a club: we are just friends, real friends.
This is very important for us: in a club there's always someone responsible for the group... But you cannot be really free if you are not solely and completely responsible of yourself!
There are no leaders among us: only free people, sharing what they know, while walking a common path.

And, at the end of the day, eating and chatting around the fire, in a dark forest, in the middle of nowhere, are some of the most beautiful dinners and parties that I experienced in all my life!! :-)