Glitch on the ridge

Two days of good weather in the Christmas holidays: lets go trekking!
The plan was to go by car where the road ends at the Cobb Lake, and then enjoy two and a half days of trekking in valleys and on ridges. Food supplies and all the stuff were packed and ready.
The car was climbed up the steep road up to the Cobb Ridge and then a marvellous panorama opened in front of us... Panorama just spoiled by the fog... Fog? Oooops, it wasn't the fog: it was the car!
We stopped where we were with the radiator boiling. The end of our trip? No, let's go trekking from here.




December, 2012

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On the top of Cobb Ridge our car, White Shit, dies in a cloud of steam coming from the radiator. - - Cover 2012-12-22_13-24-23_Matteo We were supposed to get there, at the very end of the lake. But here we are... What to do? Shall we worry about the car? No! There is a marked trail starting just here, beside of our car: let's take it! - - Cover 2012-12-22_16-43-50_Matteo Off course we have no idea of where this path leads: our maps are for the other side of the Cobb Valley. We don't even have a tent... But in New Zealand you can always find a hut when you need it :-) - - Cover 2012-12-22_13-44-45_Matteo Often the old wood gets green. I don't know how. - - Cover
2012-12-22_17-08-05_Matteo We were quite thirsty.. Actually we were supposed to walk along a river for the whole day, so didn't fill the bottles at home. But then, at lunch time, fortunately we encounter this beautiful stream. - - Cover 2012-12-22_17-12-26_Matteo Sylvia funambulist - - Cover At 6 pm we got to this shelter. Here there is see-saw (with Sylvia on it) and a map: it seams that we are at no more than two hours from a gorgeous hut... Perfect! - - Cover 2012-12-22_17-19-48_Matteo A bridge on the way to hut. - - Cover
2012-12-22_18-41-41_Matteo I rarely appear in the pictures because usually I'm the one who makes them. So I'm quite happy when someone makes a nice photo of me :-) - - Cover 2012-12-22_18-52-46_Matteo Conillo doing canyoning - - Cover 2012-12-22_19-47-17_Matteo-PAN Panorama of the "Tussok", see how the trees are on the full size image: - - Cover 2012-12-22_21-19-43_Matteo Me, Conillo (and a shadow of Sylvia) at the hut. - - Cover
2012-12-23_10-16-30_Matteo In the hut - - Cover 2012-12-23_10-16-54_Matteo The hut in the morning - - Cover 2012-12-23_10-18-44_Matteo A weka wandering about around the hut - - Cover 2012-12-23_09-06-30_Matteo The path cross a forest, but here we are high on the mountains and the trees grow small... - - Cover
2012-12-23_09-21-32_Matteo ...Higher there are no trees any more. - - Cover 2012-12-23_09-31-34_Matteo Sign with the length of the different trails. This photo is dedicated to Zorro Topolotto, he knows why. - - Cover Panorama in the direction of the Leslie Karamea track - - Cover 2012-12-23_09-38-40_Matteo Panorama in the direction of our track track - - Cover
2012-12-23_09-44-22_Matteo Again in the forest, but just for a short while. - - Cover 2012-12-23_11-50-16_Matteo And then we got the Peel Lake, a perfect place for lunch. - - Cover 2012-12-23_12-05-26_Sylwia Me and Conillo chatting after lunch. - - Cover 2012-12-23_14-52-13_Matteo Bearded trees - - Cover



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