Fototeca dello Zorring

Adventures in English

  • Laga Mountains, out of trail

    Back on the Laga Mountains after quite a few years: I'm so happy!
  • Guardian Angels - The movie

    Short film written by Doug Brook and directed by Aaron Falvey. Here I'm the bad guy.
  • Mount Arthur, snow-version

    September: we are working restless at the cheese factory and this will be our last hike till the end of the year!
  • Sardegna in Kayak - 2013, Episode II

    The 2013 kayak trip in Sardina starts where we ended two years ago, in Santa Teresa di Gallura...
  • 2013-02-18_20-03-26_Matteo

    Bulmer Lake, walking on a petrified glacier

    Franco had just the time to realize he was in New Zealand, then he was walking on this 3 and a half days trekking.
  • A Mushroom week-end

    (Written by Conillo) Sylvia and Matteo didn't know what to do, so I took them to harvest mushrooms. Unfortunately they are very bad in choosing the right ones.
  • 2013-05-11-13-25-03-matteo

    Twin Peaks in New Zealand

    From Flora Car-park to the Ellis Basin hut, then to The Twins, Mount Arthur, Gordon's Pyramid, Salisbury hut... and back
  • 2013-02-05_18-46-24_Matteo

    Mount Owen from different points of view

    Pictures are the same, but the stories are two: it is a matter of different points of views
  • Wellington!!!!!

    After so many adventure in the Wilderness, I spent a few days in the New Zealand capital.
  • Rambo eat my shorts!

    Colillo tells of a very, very, but really very, extreme trekking in Nelson Lakes National Park
  • 2012-03-25_11-02-33_Matteo

    Jumping in Australia

    In Italian a short visit is called "a jump". Well, a Country where most of the animals jump is the perfect place for a couple of "jumps".
  • 2012-12-22_18-41-41_Matteo

    Glitch on the ridge

    Sometime on a trekking something unforeseen happens... Sometime it happens before.
  • 2012-12-27_14-52-43_Sylwia

    Warrior and Maiden

    Sylvia needed a great warrior to help in her quest in the forest... Actually a great warrior was there!
  • 2012-01-24_18-35-04_Matteo

    On the Dragon Teeth

    The Dragon Teeth, a tramping for adventurous dentists!
  • John Muir Trail

    404 km on the California's Alps, from the Sequoia forest to Yosemite. The longest and greatest trekking we have ever done.
  • Pangi Beach, Pentecost

    Kayaking in Vanuatu

    Oz-Zorro (Scott) solo kayaking from Nguna to Pentecost
  • Vanuatu, Oz-Zorro Australiano, 2004-2005

    Volunteering in Vanuatu - Photos from when Oz-Zorro d'Australiano lived in Vanuatu in the South Pacific
  • DSCN3599

    Lux Alibi Back Stage

    300 photos to tell the story of making the film Lux Alibi. Locations, camps in the forest and people together to carry on this crazy project!

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Hi, my name is Matteo.
This photo-blog is here to share all the adventures I do with my friends, the Zorri: on mountains, forest and around the world.
The Zorri is just a group of friends, real friends: we are neither a commercial company nor a club (more about us).

Since 2013 I'm living in New Zealand
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Il Manuale del Ramingo

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