Twin Peaks in New Zealand

During the trekking of Glitch on the Ridge, when we slept at Salisbury hut, we admired some rough crests on the right of Mount Arthur. We thought: "We must go there sooner or later!".
Well... Here we are, in 3 beautiful Autumn days, for the last trekking before the winter comes!
With Matteo and Sylvia there are a few friends: Silvano, Matteo (Riaci's Bronze) and, off course, Conillo.




May, 2013

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2013-05-11-08-39-11-mbdr Leaving the cars at Flora Car Park and preparing the backpacks. - - Cover 2013-05-11-09-29-19-matteo In the forest - - Cover 2013-05-11-09-10-43-matteo Getting higher, the trees are smaller and bearded. - - Cover 2013-05-11-10-14-48-matteo Sylvia and the Tasman bay - - Cover
2013-05-11-10-54-30-matteo Silvano and Matteo (Riaci's Bronze) are very fast: during all the trekking we have been running after them... To find them relaxing and waiting for us. - - Cover 2013-05-11-10-44-29-sylvia Kevin from Christchurch and his friends were looking for a cave. - - Cover 2013-05-11-11-03-08-matteo Would they find it? - - Cover 2013-05-11-11-40-17-silvano Lunch time. - - Cover
2013-05-11-12-49-07-silvano Here Matteo almost died but we didn't make a picture of it... But Silvano made this nice picture of Sylvia - - Cover 2013-05-11-12-56-40-silvano Walking on the saddle to Ellis Basin. - - Cover 2013-05-11-13-03-23-silvano Quite windy! - - Cover 2013-05-11-13-10-57-sylvia The Yeti is coming!! Ooops, no, it is Matteo (Riaci's Bronze) - - Cover
2013-05-11-13-15-50-sylvia Silvano showing the Twins, the rock peaks where we were heading tomorrow. Down in the valley Ellis Hut was waiting for us :-) - - Cover 2013-05-11-13-25-03-matteo Us, the Twins and the valley... Yes, this picture is VERY similar to the previous one...But we like both of them :-) - - Cover 2013-05-11-14-14-30-matteo Sylvia arriving at Ellis Hut. It was 14:15... We really couldn't imagine to get there so early. - - Cover 2013-05-11-19-01-08-sylvia Someone was making the fire outside (Conillo, Sylvia, Matteo x2), while someone... - - Cover
2013-05-11-18-41-31-sylvia ...While someone was lighting the fire in the hut's hearth. Unfortunately in this hut you have to choose: no fire and closed door, or fire on and wide open door with cold wind in :-( - - Cover 2013-05-12-07-44-03-matteo Everybody was sleeping quietly in the hut, while Conillo camped outside to have everything under control! Note how the sleeping-sock highlights his musculature! - - Cover 2013-05-12-08-35-26-matteo Hollow tree - - Cover 2013-05-12-08-44-03-sylvia Climbing up to the Twins (on the left in the photo). - - Cover
2013-05-12-09-22-11-matteo Silvano took the wrong path and is far behind us... (can you see him?) In the time we took this picture he was again leading far in front of us. ...Yes, Silvano is fast! - - Cover 2013-05-12-09-27-43-sylvia The Twins looked closer now... Well, not so close yet, actually! - - Cover 2013-05-12-10-43-01-matteo All the way up we had done. - - Cover 2013-05-12-11-59-22-silvano Matteo (Riaci's Bronze) on the top of the Twins. Sylvia, with the excuse of a flu, gave up in the valley beyond Matteo (RB); Matteo, with excuse of helping Sylvia, stayed there as well. Only Conillo, Matteo RB and Silvano reached the top. - - Cover



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