Vulci, the Devil's Bridge and the Canyon

A 900 years old castle, a Roman bridge and a swim in an incredible canyon. A little lovely and unexpected adventure with a couple of friends




August, 2016

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The castle of Vulci is incredibly old: 900 years! The fact that it arrived to us in almost perfect condition is really a miracle. Around the castle there is some water and this is some kind of weird because... - - Cover ...Because the castle is on top of a canyon! The castle was built in the middle-age to defend the "Devil's Bridge": a 70 metres high bridge made by the Romans. - - Cover Vulci castle from the Devil's Bridge. - - Cover In the castle entrance is full of nests. - - Cover
In the castle there is a very nice and well organised little museum. - - Cover Items are shown in their context. - - Cover We want to reach the bottom of the canyon, but from the Devil's Bridge side it looks to dangerous. Conillo: Oh, come on, you can do it! - - Cover We go back to the modern bridge and... - - Cover
...and here we are! - - Cover Under the Devil's Bridge: behind Alessio is the almost impossible descent we tried at first. Conillo: Don't you see? It's so easy! - - Cover Canyon of Vulci - - Cover Conillo: As usual it is up to me to carry the backpack! - - Cover
Conillo: What a nice photo! - - Cover Getting closer to one of the most fascinating spots of this canyon. - - Cover Amazing, isn't it? - - Cover Water dropping from limestone formations. - - Cover
So beautiful! - - Cover A natural bridge! Conillo: I love adventure! - - Cover The bottom is basaltic rock, the walls are tuff rock, then the water creates limestone concretions: a geologic orgy! - - Cover The water is very clean and very warm. - - Cover
The canyon widen: we are arriving at... - - Cover ...At the little Pellicone lake! - - Cover Down-climbing and jumping in the water, then you can swim to... - - Cover a nice beach at the end of the lake. - - Cover



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