"Cengia" (rock ledge) is the keyword of these two days: the first one we are on the 400 m long "cengia" of Istrada Longa, in the Bacu S'orruargiu canyon; the next day we'll be climbing the dizzying via-ferrata of Badde Pentumas!

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September, 2017

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Scott has a long and important video-conference, so we spend one day in Dorgali. For me it is a nice opportunity to visit the nice local shops, to resupply and to become the world champion of Tetris settling everything in the car. Visiting Dorgali's local shops it is something I can suggest to everyone: beautiful craftsmanship, great food and the Cannonau wine is great! - - Cover Next morning, ready for breakfast on the tableland. Getting here wasn't easy: not only a difficult gravel road, but also a wind so strong that was able to move the kayaks on the luggage rack. - - Cover Among huge holly oaks, we are walking to Bacu S'Orruargiu (this Sardinian name is almost unpronounceable in Italian too :-) looking for the Istrada Longa (Long Road in Sardinian) ledge. - - Cover Amazing beauty - - Cover
Below us it is a huge natural arch: we'll be there this afternoon! - - Cover Conillo and Yoda lead the way. - - Cover Here starts Istrada Longa: a ledge 1 m wide and 400 m long. Can't you believe? Click for the next photo! - - Cover Istrada Longa: me at the start. - - Cover
Istrada Longa: Scott at the end (looking back). - - Cover Yoda climbing a carob tree at lunch time. - - Cover Climbing up in the bottom of the canyon of Bacu S'Orruargiu. - - Cover And here we are at the big natural arch. - - Cover
Scott relaxing in the arch. If you wonder where exactly he is... - - Cover ...here he is! - - Cover Little plants grow where the drops gather: year after year this creates weird stalactites made of a mix of limestone and roots. - - Cover As usual, it is only looking at the trees that you get the real scale of the rock arch. - - Cover
Everywhere there are niches, little caves, arches. - - Cover We leave the Bacu S'Orruargiu canyon. It was late and I didn't take any other photo of the evening. - - Cover Next morning we are in Badde Pentumas canyon. I had already done it twice and wasn't planning to go there again... But it seams that there's a new via-ferrata here that we cannot miss. Here we are climbing up looking for the starting point. - - Cover We climb up till the canyon widens and creates this huge amphitheatre of orange limestone. - - Cover
The via-ferrata connects different ledges (cengia): you walk on one to get to the next. - - Cover Scott on a "cengia". - - Cover Cengia after cengia we get higher and higher! - - Cover Sometime the ledge suddenly disappears and you have to rely only on the steel cable. Yes, the steel cable is secure... but 100 meters of void below the feet are scaring anyway! - - Cover



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