Sardinia: kayak and caves with Rossano

I was supposed to do this adventures with two of my usual friends, but the give up few days before. Then, as suddenly as unexpectedly, my friend from New Zeland Rossano joins me.
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September, 2017

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And here we go! The first day is quiet, nice and sunny. - - Cover The coast is beautiful and there are many little coves. Here we are at lunch time. - - Cover Let's go. - - Cover At 4 pm we get to this little cove and decide to camp here, so that we have the time to explore the area. - - Cover
Despite the drought of this year I find a little pond with a lonely water lily! Is it a native plant in Italy or has it arrived here somehow? It is really beautiful, anyway! (Yes, Wikipedia says that it is native in Italy). - - Cover Walking among the rocks. - - Cover Rocks carved by the wind. - - Cover Having dinner beneath a marvellous starry sky. - - Cover
The night was very windy and the next morning, surprise: the sea is rough with waves that for a kayak are a bit too... deadly! - - Cover Rossano and the sea: our cove is very deep, but the rocks faraway give the idea of the waves. - - Cover Decision taken: we are leaving the kayak here and walk across the mountains to the closest road. We'll be back when the wind stops. - - Cover The wind is so strong that Canillo hides in the backpack. - - Cover
We eventually reach a road, hitch-hike to the car, drive to Dorgali. We get to Campos Bargios in the evening where we fight to defend our dinner: a local tribe of semi-wild pigs tries to self-invite themselves to our banquet! - - Cover After a very cold and windy night, and a very hot morning tea, we are for the new adventure... - - Cover ...The Grotta Donini (Donini Cave) awaits us! - - Cover There are a few vertical holes scattered in the valley, but only one is the right entrance! - - Cover
Because of this year drought, there's almost no water flow, but the little underground pools and lakes are still full. - - Cover We abseil to the main underground river and we find something absolutely amazing and incredible: a foam on 40-50 cm covers everything! It must be something natural: we are too faraway from any human activity and there isn't any strange or artificial smell... But I've never seen or heard about something like this! - - Cover This photo gives you a better idea of the foam covering everything. I was fascinated by it! If you know anything about this phenomenon, please, write me and let me know!!! Thank you. - - Cover Unfortunately my waterproof camera doen't deal very well with the cave environment and this is the best photo I've got to show how the foam covers everything in the cave, and this for all the 3 hours we needed to make our way to the exit. - - Cover
I'll show you the exit of the cave in the next story, when I'll be back here with Scott and I'll take with me my better (but not waterproof) camera. So, for now, let's continue from the exit. - - Cover We are in one of the oldest European forests, and Conillo explored it while we were in the cave. - - Cover Conillo on the ledge! - - Cover Shall we tidy the car up? - - Cover



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