Lux Alibi 11 - Return at the Village

If you need to film a party, the best solution is to arrange a real one! You just need to tell your friend to dress in certain way... :-)
Matteo arranged his birthday party once again in Corviano (where we filmed the entrance in the Underworld).
There were 23 people dancing around the fire... And in the morning 9 tents created a sort of a real Finvarra's village!
Cleaning the audio, during post production, we found a weird noise while the Baron gives his farewell to Mauro: someone, unseen, was scraping the last chocolate pudding from the pot.




October, 2004

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2004_10_02_(18.22.21)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Traditional parade in the Soriano village, short break on the way to Corviano. - - Cover 2004_10_02_(20.31.52)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} We arrived at Corviano at night, the camp is about half an hour from the car park: we had to find the way in the dark. - - Cover 2004_10_02_(21.43.41)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} People gathering in the location fro the party. - - Cover 2004_10_02_(21.52.37)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Dinner ...and the famous chocolate pudding. - - Cover
2004_10_02_(22.27.59)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Party around the fire! :-) - - Cover 2004_10_02_(21.52.57)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Party around the fire. - - Cover 2004_10_02_(22.19.46)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} The Baron with the guitar. - - Cover 2004_10_02_(22.36.50)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} The Corviano plateau above us. - - Cover
2004_10_02_(23.05.15)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Gabriele playing with fire pois. - - Cover 2004_10_02_(23.01.44)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Gabriele and his pois. - - Cover Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(1-12-45-0 From Lux Alibi: Mauro, Finvarra and the Baron arriving at the village. - - Cover Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(1-12-26-0 Arriving at the Finvarra's village. - - Cover
Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(1-14-31-1 Forest People dancing around the fire. - - Cover Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(1-15-25-1 Forest People dancing around the fire. - - Cover Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(1-15-46-1 The Baron is touched while giving his farewell to Mauro. - - Cover 2004_10_03_(09.09.59)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} The "real village" in the Corviano forest the next morning. - - Cover
2004_10_03_(09.15.55)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} 9 am: it's time to wake up everyone, we have to shoot other scenes today! - - Cover 2004_10_03_(09.14.56)_{by_David_Isidori_(Canon_G3)}_{{}} Matteo ready for directing the next scene: Magic Duel - - Cover


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