Lux Alibi 02 - First shots, the Balegorn

Half an hour faraway from Rome there are two tiny hills, the "Sassi di Furbara". They are tiny, but full of crevasses and precipices... Perfect for filming the Balegorn region of Lux Alibi.
Lichens gave the rocks the perfect colour we wanted for the magic world.
These were the very first shoots we filmed, with Matteo and Maurilio acting and Mihai and Cristina filming.
We filmed two scenes, but one (the "Dinner in Balegorn") was rejected and filmed again a few weeks later.




May, 2004

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DSCN3572 Sassi di Furbara, those little hills will be the dizzying ridges of Balegorn. Seen from a distance they look insignificant but closer... - - Cover DSCN3571 ...(getting closer)... - - Cover DSCN3616 ...But closer they shows a lot of nice scenarios for our purposes. Sometime, finding the right spot for filming was easier than getting there. - - Cover DSCN3614 Looking for the right frame. - - Cover
DSCN3578 Matteo and Maurilio deciding where to shoot the next scene. - - Cover DSCN3580 And here it is!! Middle May 2004, firsts shooting of Lux Alibi. Mihai filming, Cristina as director assistant. - - Cover DSCN3581 These two rocky hills were really perfect to reproduce our idea of the Balegorn region, better than what we had imagined. - - Cover DSCN3597 Matteo indicating where to film from... - - Cover
DSCN3592 ...Mihai setting the camera where indicated by Matteo... - - Cover Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(0-31-33-2 ...The final result. - - Cover DSCN3591 Looking for the right perspective. - - Cover DSCN3599 Mihai filming. - - Cover
DSCN3603 Ready for the ciak. - - Cover The only problem, on our little rocky hill, was with panoramic takes: the surroundings were not as rocky as they should have been! - - Cover Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(0-38-20-1 The magic of special effects solved the problem! The fields around the hills were replaced with deep valleys and gorges filmed on higher mountains. - - Cover Again: the rocks in foreground were the ones of Sassi di Furbara, while the ones in the background were filmed on higher mountains. - - Cover
Finvarra crossing the Balegorn. - - Cover The scene in which a rock falls was not prepared. Fortunately Matteo was filming a bit aside! The falling rock cut the rope. - - Cover Mauro abseiling. Lichens gave the rocks exactly the colour we wanted! - - Cover The harness of Finvarra was made of a hemp rope to be more realistic. It was a bit uncomfortable, but worked so good that he is still alive! - - Cover
cena2 At Sassi di Furbara we filmed also the "Dinner in Balegorn" scene. But it didn't work and was rejected and filmed again a few weeks later in another location. - - Cover Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(0-43-48-0 A few weeks later we filmed the "Dinner in Balegorn" scene in the ancient Roman quarry of Cave di Salone. - - Cover Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(0-42-13-0 La versione definitiva della cena di Mauro e Finvarra nel Balegorn... - - Cover Lux-Alibi-Comp-1-(0-43-30-0 Dinner in Balegorn, Finvarra. - - Cover



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